Community Outreach/Relations


As consultants, we bring substantial knowledge and experience across a broad range of projects including senior living facilities, transportation centers, commercial business, hospitals, educational institutions and more. We provide solutions and policies for complex and challenging issues that many face throughout the commercial construction process. We are responsive, passionate, and committed to our shared social responsibility and reciprocity to our communities.

Political Awareness and Advocacy

We take an interest in internal and external politics and engage in advocacy efforts that increase majority stakeholder’s understanding and concerns. We also prioritize maintaining key relationships and partnerships with our developers, builders and government municipalities.

We realize some projects may be in your pipeline anywhere from one to eight years before breaking ground. Our team is visionary, focused, committed and resilient and has extensive expertise in bringing the right partners together to collectively work together from vision to closing of a project. Our vision is to evolve the solutions to implementation that produce positive results for all.

To discuss your project, call us at 510.238.4669